Meet the Talent Network

Josh Whitton, Ph.D.

Beneath a thick layer of snark and sass lies a jack-of-all-trades whose life and career have been based on helping meet the very varied needs of others. He’s worked in grocery, hardware, restaurant and mass retail marketing. He has a master’s degree in Adult Learning. He teaches in a prison. He’s an ordained minister. For Experience Counts, Josh blends communications and marketing with strategy and research to help our clients go further than they think they can.

Jessica Frantzich

Don’t let the RBF fool you. Behind her judgy eyes, Jessica has a big heart and tends to think of others first. How might they react? What will they feel? And while that’s not always the greatest thing for her own emotional wellbeing, it does make her great at what she does. From social media to video scripts to leader guides, she uses her empathy and communication skills to craft the right message for the right audience at the right time.

Greg Skewis

Don’t believe him when he says he has no talents for our team talent show. More than a graphic designer, Greg has a knack for hearing a client’s vision and creating a compelling, visual story. Both passionate and compassionate, Greg creates diverse design products and lasting relationships with clients.

Bob Stobener

Fun fact: If you don’t know Bob personally, you might not know that our multimedia guru used to be a stand-up comedian and ran a comedy club. As Experience Counts’ video and audio producer and website developer, Bob wears many hats, and his sense of humor always livens up our team meetings. Though he prefers to stay behind the scenes, his talents and work products take a leading role for both our company and our clients.

Alex Townsend

Just like the altruistic and sociable meerkat he claims he was in a past life, Alex also spends most of his time looking for food and playing games. If he weren’t our super agile assistant, Alex would be designing toys or starting a video game company. Alex helps keep our founder on task, and his imaginative ideas push us to think outside the box.


We can’t have a “Meet the Team” page without including our Chief Energy Officer! This fashionable little ball of sass helped build this business from scratch and loves “going to work” with her mom.